You are not broken.

You adapted to keep yourself safe when you were younger. I help you recognize protective patterns that are preventing. you from growing.

I'm a Counselling Therapist offering services for individuals and couples. My main modalities are Internal Families Systems and Relational Life Therapy.

Do you sense your limitless potential?

Do you want true authentic connections? 

Do you not want to be afraid of all of your thoughts and emotions?  

Do you want to stop bypassing and shoving feelings under the rug? 

If you answer yes to some of these questions, this is the place for you. 



I offer therapy for individuals and couples. My main modality is Internal Family Systems, based on the work of Richard Schwartz. For couples, I am trained in Relational Life Therapy, developed by Terry Real.

Training for Therapists

Internal Family Systems accepts that we all have an unbroken Self that has the capacity for love and compassion and can accept all of us. Through the power of the Self, we can all heal our wounds that limit our ability to be fully present and okay.

Available in person in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and online.

My Approach

My approach is non-pathologizing, meaning I do not believe that our internal struggle is based on a mental disorder, but rather on inner protective roles of parts that needed to keep us safe when we were younger. As Terry Real says: adaptive then, maladaptive now. So when we can get to know our inner parts that, say, are anxious or depressed or addictive or lashing out, we can ask them how they are trying to protect us, and befriend them. We can learn that these parts have good intentions, therefore deserve our appreciation and curiosity. When parts feel listened to and appreciated, they can relax back. They then no longer have to amp up their intensity because we are just annoyed at them, and they feel heard. 

We can ask them what vulnerable and wounded parts they are shielding us from and get to know what hurt us in the past.

As a couples therapist, I focus on the inner wounds and the protective system, and how your two systems interact with each other. We often are with partners to help us heal our unfinished business! We look at your stances teach you to notice your nervous system state and how to self-regulate. We introduce how to repair from ruptures to get back to harmony.
I am running a weekly group for women. In this group, we create a safe container to explore how we feel and react in social situations. We make what we usually just feel implicitly and make it explicit.

From My Clients

gentle yet so incredibly powerful

I really love working with Maya because she helps me learn how to bring peace and self love into my life. 

She is so good at seeing exactly where I am at emotionally and gently guiding me to go inside to find the part that is causing the disruption or emotional distress. 

Her approach is gentle yet so incredibly powerful in leading me to the answers that lie within.  She follows my lead but knows when I am getting off the track of finding the gold and brings me right back.

Parts work is hard work! But Maya is understanding and patient with me as I learn how to heal through the use of this therapeutic modality….never giving up on me!

Realizing that I even have “parts” inside- and coming to believe that they are all ‘good’ and arose originally to help me survive has been so incredibly healing. Maya has guided me to find, meet, befriend and unburden some of these parts and that has brought incredible self-forgiveness and compassion to my inner world. I am forever grateful to her for this.


feel a true shift

Maya is warm, compassionate, considerate and centred. I have always felt assured and available to her as a therapist - she is able to guide me where the work really begins and gives me the time and space I need to move through it and feel a true shift after working with her. I don’t feel overwhelmed by this style of therapy she does - its gentle enough but always truly impactful - I’m exceptionally grateful to have her on my side. Beyond that I travel and move around a fair amount for my work and she has always been fully accommodating and adjusted to those life changes. Highly, highly recommend.